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Who we are

Founded in 2015, Exling have decade of experience and conquered the best technologies in the world. We have heritage of digital pioneering in world’s most advanced technologies like A.I, IoT, Chatbot has offered a unique advantage to our clients. We are the one stop solution for all your web & mobile needs and our expertise in these domain can help you to transform your idea into reality.

We believe that by putting digital at the core of their business, clients not only accelerate the value exchange between their organization and their customers but can evolve with agility in a fast changing world.

  • AI
  • Chatbot
  • IOT
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Applications


Deliver Results

In Cut-throat competition, delivering solution are not enough. We push ourselves hard to create measurable, impactful, and goal-oriented solutions for our clients.


We follow the same passion for building scalable online businesses for the clients and so they can grow them into successful ventures.

Take Ownership

We take the total responsibility for the choices you make and the results that follow. As taking Individual ownership supports collective responsibility.

Honesty and Transparency

With our work, we believe in absolute clarity and honesty.
As success is rooted in transparency between each other and with our clients

Do Great Work

Build products that are beautiful, functional, and enjoyable. Take pride in what you and your team have created.

Make Others Successful

The greatest success comes through collaboration. Helping others succeed improves ourselves and the team as a whole.

Khaled Khuda

Khaled Khuda has held a number of high tech senior management positions in technology over the past thirty years. He is currently President, CEO, and Chairman of Exling; a leader in the enterprise software market for 10 years.  Exling has developed a number of innovative software solutions and continue to innovate in the latest technologies.
Mr. Khuda continues to drive the vision for Exling into financial applications, IoT, Home Automation, and many other financial and point-of-sale implementations.  Historically, he remains a pioneer in many IOT and financial product hardware implementations including displays, projective capactitive touchpanel, and organic LED hardware used in many Fortune 500 companies still to this day.  His years in hardware have brought insight into the industry needs and unfulfilled directions.
Exling plans a vision of financial implementations monitoring expanding interest in crypto-currency, A.I., fintech bots, personalized automation, chatbots, and other IoT experiences.  Over the next decade, Exling has plans to become a growing pioneer in user experience platform products and services.
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Khaled Khuda past resume includes notable tenures with a number of corporations including Display International, Data International, and OSD Displays for manufacturing of the latest in user interface technology hardware.  He maintained a pivotal role in migration of display and touch panel technology simplification into our daily lives through providing cost-effective, obtainable,  and reliable solutions to a very wide variety of industrial, commercial, and consumer applications innovating and updating the appearance and experience.  With Exling, he now brings this same innovation and experience to enterprise software solutions to modernize and revolutionize our customer’s workflow and customer experiences.


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